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Crabbing & Clamming


Crabbing is fun, easy, and inexpensive. It gives the kids something to do, and even if you just catch little crabs and throw them back, it is entertaining. Our bait and tackle stores carry crabbing equipment as well as fishing equipment.

First you have to make one major decision. Do you want to use hand lines or collapsible traps? Traps are necessary if the water is deep or the water is swift. Hand lines work better in shallow-water areas where there is little current. Hand lines are also best for young children as it gives them more to do and keeps them occupied.


Clamming is one of those activities that are fun to do in the heat of the summer. You can get in the water and cool off, it keeps the kids occupied, and if you are in a boat, it gives you something to do when the fish aren’t biting!