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Fishing Report

Bob's Coastal Maryland (Ocean City Maryland - Assateague Island) and Coastal Delaware Fishing Report is published every Monday morning, usually by noon. Stay up to date on the most comprehensive fishing activity report on coastal fishing in the bay and in the Atlantic ocean!

August 15, 2016 Report

Bob Foster | August 15, 2016
Ocean City Inlet water temperature 82 degrees

The offshore reefs and wrecks are starting to produce decent catches of flounder and a few triggerfish. A few keeper flounder were caught in the East channel North of the Route 50 bridge. Also, a few keepers were landed in the channel between the Airport and Castaways campground. White Gulp swimming mullet continues to be the hot bait for the flounder. Decent size croakers have moved into the back bays and are biting bloodworms and Fishbites. The fishing should improve when we get out of this Southwest wind pattern and the water cleans up. Kingfish, spot and small croakers are in the surf. To catch these panfish use a kingfish rig (small hooks) with a combination bait of bloodworm or Fishbite bloodworm with a little strip of squid or any kind of cut bait. Shark fishing from the beach is still going strong for anglers tossing chunks of bunker or mackeral on circle hook rigs.

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Coastal Fisherman Fishing report by Larry Jock

SATURDAY, August 13, 2016

"12:59 PM - Capt. Jason Mumford on the charter boat, "Lucky Break" reported that larger croaker have moved into the bay behind Ocean City. This morning, his anglers boated 80 croaker, measuring between 10 and 14-inches, while using squid and Fishbites for bait.

Anglers on the charter boat, "Marli" had 29 dolphin up to 26 lbs. and a white marlin release, all in 100 fathoms in the Baltimore.

"Blue Venture" returned with a 33 lb. wahoo from the south tip of the Hambone.

FRIDAY, August 12, 2016

Alex Clark caught a 36-inch striper in the basin at Harbour Island. The fish weighed 17 lbs. and was caught on cut ballyhoo.

9:41 PM - I just returned to the office after the scales closed on the final day of the White Marlin Open. For only 28 boats fishing today, there was a fair amount of action at the scale (relatively speaking). There were no other white marlin weighed on the final day, so the 76.5 pounder remains in first place and is worth $2,800,000. There was a bigeye tuna hooked up and boated, but they didn't make it back to the WMO scale by 9:15 PM. Here's what we saw today:

"Rumor Has It" weighed a 223 lb. mako to take 2nd place in the Shark Division.

"Sea Flame" weighed a 39 lb. dolphin to win the Dolphin Division.

"Taylor Jean" weighed a 52 lb. yellowfin.

"Reel Naughti" weighed a pair of dolphin (13.0 & 13.5 lbs.)

"Ole School" weighed a 21.5 lb. dolphin.

"Miss Annie" weighed a 62 lb. yellowfin.

Here are the winners:

White Marlin - "Kallianassa" - 76.5 lbs. Blue Marlin - "Get Reel" - 790 lbs. Tuna - "Hubris" - 236.5 lb. bigeye Dolphin - "Sea Flame" - 39 lbs. Wahoo - "Two Timing Connie" - 79 lbs. Shark - "MJ's" - 260.5 lb. hammerhead

THURSDAY, August 11, 2016

2:22 PM - Anglers on the "Playin' Catch" returned with a 55 lb. wahoo caught at the Hambone. Earlier, they were trolling skirted ballyhoo at the Hot Dog and picked up a small dolphin. At the Hambone, they went 1 for 5 on wahoo. They said it was pretty rough out there. Wind really picked up.

Kyle Mooney on the "Capitalist" caught a 48-inch wahoo and 2 dolphin, up to 14 lbs., on skirted ballyhoo, south of the Fingers.

Amanda Siegrist caught an 18-inch flounder while fishing on the charter boat, "Lucky Break". Caught in the Fishbowl on a Z-Man artificial bait.

9:20 PM - The scales just closed on the 2nd day of the White Marlin Open. Today, 242 boats fished. This leaves only 28 boats eligible to fish tomorrow. Here is what we saw today:

"Stream Weaver" weighed a 64 lb. white marlin that didn't meet the 70 lb. minimum weight requirement.

"Bar South" released 3 white marlin and weighed a 68 lb. white marlin that didn't meet the 70 lb. minimum weight requirement.

"Silly Money" weighed a 19 lb. dophin that didn't meet the 20 lb. minimum.

"Lumitec" weighed a 20 lb. dolphin and a 23 lb. dolphin.

"Rock Doc" weighed a 22.5 lb. dolphin and a 25.5 lb. dolphin.

"Sea Breeze" weighed a 35.5 lb. dolphin and sits in 3rd place in the Dolphin Division.

"Got Fish Too" weighed a 41 lb. wahoo and sits in 3rd place in the Wahoo Division.

"Country Girl" weighed a 62 lb. white marlin that didn't meet the 70 lb. minimum weight requirement.

"Top Dog" had 3 white marlin releases, a blue marlin release and weighed a 25.5 lb. dolphin.

"Trophy Hunter" weighed a 30 lb. dolphin.

"Christine Marie" had a blue marlin that measured 111-inches, short of the 114-inch requirement. They donated the fish to the Maryland Food Bank.

"American Lady" weighed a 71.5 lb. yellowfin to tie for 3rd place in the Tuna Division.

"Singularis" weighed a 24.5 lb. dolphin.

At the time the scales closed at 9:15 PM, a boat was still fighting a blue marlin, but we hadn't heard from them for over an hour so the status of the catch was unknown. They had been fighting it for over 8 hours. Stay tuned!

WEDNESDAY, August 10, 2016

On the headboat, "Flounder Pounder", Rachael Cerutti caught a pair of 18-inch flounder in the East Channel while using squid and shiners for bait.

Bob Stokes caught a pair of flounder, measuring 20 1/2 and 23-inches, on minnows and squid behind Castaway's Campground.

9:32 PM - Just got back to the office after the scales closed on the 3rd day of the White Marlin Open. Here is what we saw today at the scale:

"Reel Estate" was the first to arrive and weighed a 63.5 lb. white marlin that didn't hit the 70 lb. minimum.

"No Service" weighed a 40.5 lb. wahoo.

"Absolut Pleasure" weighed a 63.5 lb. white marlin that didn't hit the 70 lb. minimum.

"Shadow Fax" weighed a 27.5 lb. dolphin.

"Sea Wolf" weighed a 36 lb. dolphin to tie for 1st place in the Dolphin Division.

"MJ's" weighed a 260.5 lb. scalloped hammerhead that sits in first place in the Shark Division.

"Reel Direct" weighed a 62.5 lb. white marlin that didn't hit the 70 lb. minimum.

"Hubris" weighed a 236.5 lb. bigeye to take over the lead in the Tuna Division.

TUESDAY, August 9, 2016

Anglers on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" caught a boat limit of 24 flounder and a few sea bass. Tyler Cannella caught a 25.6-inch, 5 lb. 11 oz. flounder on a strip of mahi belly. All on natural bottom near "A" Buoy in 110 feet of water.

Doug Simm was drifting Gulp! artificial baits in the East Channel and caught a pair of flounder measuring 26 and 27-inches.

Anglers on the headboat, "Angler" hada good flounder fishing day at the Old Grounds with fish up to 4.5 lbs.

9:37 PM - Just returned from the scales on the 2nd day of the White Marlin Open. Good movement on the leaderboad. Here is what we saw:

"Kallianassa" weighed a 76.5 lb. white marlin to sit in first place in the Marlin Division.

"Magic Moment" returned to the scale for the 2nd day in a row, today with a 233 lb. bigeye to take over 1st place in the Tuna Division.

"Melina" weighed a 67 lb. white marlin that didn't hit the minimum weight of 70 lbs.

"Gret's Three J's" weighed a 68.5 lb. white marlin that didn't hit the minimum weight of 70 lbs.

John Gudelsky on the "Reel Joy" weighed a 36 lb. dolphin to take over 1st place in the Dolphin Division.

Ed Hoy on the "Reel Joy" weighed a 25.5 lb. dolphin.

"Two Timing Connie" weighed a 79 lb. wahoo and sits in 1st place in the Wahoo Division.

"Canyon Hunter" weighed a 26 lb. dolphin

"Sweet Water" weighed a 66.5 lb. white marlin that didn't hit the minimum weight of 70 lbs.

"Reel Chaos" weighed a 67.5 lb. white marlin that didn't hit the minimum weight of 70 lbs. They also had 5 white marlin releases.

"Lights Out" weighed a 34 lb. dolphin to sit in 2nd place in the Dolphin Division.

"Second Chance" weighed a 54 lb. wahoo.

"Fintimidator" weighed a 19 lb. dolphin that didn't hit the 20 lb. minimum.

"Reel Tight" weighed a 64 lb. yellowfin.

"Full Pull" weighed a 69 lb. yellowfin. They also had 4 white marlin releases.

"Fish Tricks" weighed a 61.5 lb. yellowfin.

"Dawg Haus" weighed a 61 lb. yellowfin.

MONDAY, August 8, 2016

An angler on the headboat, "Happy Hooker" caught a 36-inch cobia in the bay behind OC today.

Anglers on the "Rippin Lips" went to the African Queen wreck and caught 5 flounder up to 20 inches and 3.1 lbs. They also fished at Kelly's Reef and caught a 4 lb. triggerfish

James Cannon on the "Morning Star" caught a 24-inch, 5 lb. 8 oz. flounder today while fishing on ocean structure. Capt. Monty said that the ocean flounder are really snapping and this entire week looks good.

Anglers on the charter boat, "Get Sum" had 4 keeper flounder, up to 21-inches, while driting Gulp! in the East Channel.

11:01 PM - Just returned from the first day of the White Marlin Open. This year, 329 boats are entered and 283 fished today. A lot of white marlin were released, but none were weighed that hit the 70 lb. minimum. Weird ending, but here is what we saw today:

"Oil Slick" weighed a 61 lb. white marlin that did not meet the 70 lb. minimum weight.

"Katherine Anne" weighed a 19.5 lb. dolphin that did not meet the 20 lb. minimum weight. They also weighed a 69 lb. white marlin that did not qualify.

"Chasin' Tail" weighed a 66 lb. white marlin that did not meet the 70 lb. minimum weight.

"No Service" weighed a 63 lb. yellowfin.

"Stream Weaver" weighed a 65 lb. white marlin that did not meet the 70 lb. minimum weight.

"Matador" weighed a 58 lb. white marlin that did not meet the 70 lb. minimum weight.

"Talkin' Trash" weighed a 56.5 lb. yellowfin and a 58.5 lb. yellowfin.

"Rhonda's Osprey" weighed a 34.5 lb. wahoo that didn't hit the 40 lb. minimum.

"Contango" weighed a 58 lb. white marlin that did not meet the 70 lb. minimum weight.

"Sugarhole" weighed an 18.5 lb. dolphin that didn't meet the 20 lb. minimum.

"Tireless" weighed a 31 lb. dolphin

"Delta Dawn" weighed a 34.5 lb. dolphin. Angler Rachel Davanzo caught a grand slam consisting of 1 blue marlin, 2 white marlin and a spearfish.

"Taylor Jean" weighed a 21.5 lb. dolphin.

"Reel Direct" weighed a 27 lb. wahoo that didn't meet the 30 lb. minimum weight. They also weighed a 67 lb. yellowfin.

"M Keli Jean" weighed a 19.5 lb. dolphin that didn't hit the 20 lb. minimum.

"Boss Hogg" weighed a 23.5 lb. dolphin.

"Magic Moment" weighed a 25 lb. dolphin.

"Pez Machine" weighed a 57 lb. yellowfin.

"Fish Tricks" weighed a 23.5 lb. dolphin.

"Fish Whistle" weighed a 62.5 lb. yellowfin and a 71.5 lb. yellowfin.

"Get Reel" was the final boat of the night. They arrived at the scale with a blue marlin that they couldn't fit into the boat. I was told that they have video proof of the fish being lashed to the side of the boat and towed. During the tow back to port, the tail snapped off and was separated from the rest of the body. There were major discussions at the weigh-in as to whether this fish should be disqualified based upon it being considered mutilated. According to IGFA rules: "A fish will be disqualified by mutilation to the fish, PRIOR to landing or boating the catch, caused by sharks, other fish, mammals or propellers that remove or penetrate the flesh. (Injuries caused by leader or line, scratches, old healed scars or regeneration deformities are not considered to be disqualifying injuries.) Any mutilation on the fish must be shown in a photograph and fully explained in a separate report accompanying the (world) record application."

The fish weighed 790 lbs. without the tail. The tail weighed 29.5 lbs. The official weight of the fish was 790 lbs.

I'm sure this situation will be discussed at length tomorrow. Stay tuned."

Fishing Report from Capt. Jeff of Helbent Charters


"The heat machine was in full force the last few days with a warm south, south west breeze up till today when the wind switched to west. That made things rather unbearable and the heat index hit 108 this afternoon! The water warmed up to the mid-80's on the out going tide and the water was very dirty forcing us to fish all incoming tide this week. The beautiful blue green water started to cloud up the last few days mainly because we had several days of strong south winds. There was little to no Flounder bite on the outgoing tide but when we fished the incoming tide we caught Flounder all week. I think everyone that fished this week caught at least at least one Flounder while several kids caught 6 to 8 Flounder and out fishing there mom and dad. The incoming clean water dropped the water temp. to 72 to 73 degrees and those two factors seemed to be the key to catching fish this week. We did have several just legal Flounder this week and when the water was cleaner and cooler we caught a nice number of fish everyday. The smaller fish seemed to prefer the white Gulp but the larger fish preferred the live minnows. With heat machine to stay turned on for a few more days make sure you fish the incoming tide this week which will be early in the morning and later in the afternoon into the evening." Summer is flying by but I still have a few dates open so give me a call at 717-574-4010 or email me at [email protected]. Check out my Facebook like on my website at  Helbentcharters See you on the water! Capt. Jeff

Many anglers ask about reading the beach when surf fishing. "Poppy" a very good angler has posted another very good description with pictures on Stripers Online. Check it out: Reading the Beach He draws it out completely! If you're not catching fish in the surf, you need to study this!

Oceanic Fishing Pier reports


"Lots of blues,trout(weakfish), short stripers and shad under the lights at night on speck rigs and Gotcha plugs.." Oceanic Pier (410-289-2602)

Capt. Monty on the Morning Star Fishing Report


Catching Flounder Decent - Very Few Cbass Two Sides Of Luck MD's Permit To Land Whales Sunday Specials! Aug 21st, Aug 28th and Labor Day Monday, Sept 5th -- Buy two tickets, get a spot free. This offer DOES NOT carry to other days - use it or lose it. I was trying to think of how regulars could invite a friend or bring a child/grand-child - it's working. Newbies are having fun.. In summer it's especially important new anglers are aware of motion sickness preventatives. Being sick all day is no fun at all.. (see section below)

September Reservations Open Monday, August 15th. We'll book flounder/sea bass trips until Sept 18th when sea bass close. From Sept 19th to the 30th we'll be straight flounder fishing - no sea bass in closed season.

Sailing Daily For Flounder & Some Sea Bass - Weather Permitting - Saturday's 6:30 to 3:30 - $125.00 – Otherwise 7 to 3 at $110.00..

There's no way to know whether fluke or sea bass will bite better on any day. I absolutely couldn't guess ..but I do know my crew & I will be trying our best to make everyday a success.

Reservations Required at 410 520 2076 - LEAVE YOUR BEST POSSIBLE CONTACT NUMBER - Weather Cancelations Are Common - I Make Every Attempt To Let Clients Sleep In If The Weather's Not Going Our Way..

Be a half hour early! We always leave early! ..except when someone shows up right on time.

Clients arriving late will see the west end of an east bound boat. With a limited number of reserved spots, I do not refund because you over-slept or had a flat..

Dramamine Is Cheap Insurance! (Meclizine's Better!) Crystalized Ginger Works Great Too. It's Simple To Prevent Motion Sickness, Difficult To Cure. If You Suffer Mal-de-Mer In A Car You Should Experiment On Shorter Half-Day Trips First! (Wockenfuss Candies sells crystalized ginger locally - We usually have some aboard - Better is Nuts.Com.. Chewable Meclizine is a good pharmaceutical, there's also a "less drowsy" meclizine pill that a lot of clients like, especially Bonine; Scopolamine Patches are the gold standard. Stay away from 'ginger pills.'

Honestly - If you get to go on the ocean once month, once a year, or even less; why risk chumming all day? Similarly, if you howl at the moon all night, chances are good you'll howl into a bucket all day.

Bring A Cooler With Ice For Your Fish – A 48 Quart Is Fine For A Few People.

No Galley! BYO Sandwiches & Soft Drinks. A few beers in cans is fine. (bottles break at bad times)

If You Won't Measure & Count Your Fish, The State Will Provide A Man With A Gun To Do It For You. We Measure & Count — ALWAYS — No Exceptions!

13,731 Reef Blocks Deployed at numerous sites: Doug Ake's Reef 2,503 - St. Ann's 1,519 - Al Giles Barge 902 - Eagle Scout Reef 864 - Sue's Block Drop 168 - Nichols' Concrete 662 - Capt. Bob's Block Drop 72 - Benelli Reef 204

Blocks Provided By Potomac Valley Brick - Thank You!

Support the Ocean City Reef Foundation! http://www.ocreefs.org (lots of reef pics here..) We're Nowhere Near Reef Building's True Potential. Thank You!

Greetings All,

"Been seeing some limits of flounder. Fishing ain't bad. On occasion it's very sweet indeed. Sea bass have tapered sharply although we still have bait on the rail for them.

Might be something to this Gulp! thing & flounder.. Sometimes the guys w/Gulp hold the high ground. Sometimes cut bait is king. Was an article recently where the author held: "..if the Capt. fishes, find another boat." Darn. Promise, I fish every chance I get!

Fish 36+ years, so I'm really good at it, right? Last week my old friend Dae was aboard. As luck would have it, I had opportunity to fish next to him. I catch two keepers, he catches eight. (he's a mad-man with Gulp)

Another day my favorite Uncle is aboard with my Cousin from Philly. I even booked the port corner out for this special family trip. Couple guys in the stb corner box a bunch of flounder & sea bass, then top off their box with the dumbest tog ever - a 15 pounder that ate a flounder bait. Their many fish-fries were caught with rental gear & boat bait. IN THE OTHER CORNER - Team Morning Star - untold skill, vast expenditures on tackle, incredible depth of knowledge -- skunked. Yup. I sent my Uncle to the grocery store for chicken. Good thing I'm not samurai.. (See harakiri in a google search) Still had a great day though. It was capped perfectly when my young friend, (code name Alex) slammed the door closed on the day's fish pool with a 6 pounder right at the buzzer. Life is good"

Regards, Monty

Capt. Monty Hawkins [email protected] Partyboat Morning Star http://morningstarfishing.com Ocean City, MD

Capt Chris Mizurak Capt. of the Angler Party Boat also runs the Reef Chief. For more information on chartering the Reef Chief you may contact me at 410-458-8343. For info on the Reef Chief go to: https://www.facebook.com/ocreefchief Capt Chris Mizurak Angler OCMD 410-458-8343

Anglers need a DE Fishing License to fish, crab, and clam in DEL: Individual Delaware Fishing Licenses are now available online You can also renew your boat registration here!

Check out the link on our web site to the local chapter of the MSSA. They are keeping us abreast on all the Fishing Issues. From our Oyster Bay Website, go to "More Fishing Info" on the left hand side, and click on "MSSA Atlantic Anglers".

Check the weather before driving hours to go offshore or fish the surf. Go to Coastal Marine Forecast to get an idea of the weather and height of the waves.

Old Inlet Bait & Tackle Indian River Fishing Report

August 1, 2016

The dog days of summer...

"Kingfish in the surf has been the best bet lately. Bloodworms, small hooks, tight to the beach, early and late in the day out of the heat. We cannot stress these three points enough. People that are not catching are doing the exact opposite.

Starting to hear about some nice flounder being picked up in the Inlet. Ryder Armstrong of Milroy PA landed a 21.5 inch flounder on 7/31 along the south camp ground wall.

DSSP Volunteer and Vietnam Vet Ritchie reports catching a couple of keepers over the last week.

Striper fishing in the Inlet is slow. Best opportunity is an early morning incoming tide or at night. Live fleas and live eels are the preferred baits.

Flounder bite out at the old grounds has slowed up. Our bet is to try southeast towards A bouy and find 80-90 feet of water."

Bill's Sports Center (302-645-7654) fishing report.


"Spot are appearing in larger numbers at the Pier along with blues and an occasional keeper flounder. A lot of kingfish being taken from the surf today up and down the beaches. Reports of warmer water in the Lewes Canal have slowed things down considerably. Lots of sea bass and sea robins being reported at Massey’s Landing. Paul P, Wes, CJ from Bill’s Sport Shop, and some others fished aboard ‘The SEA Laser’ with Captain Mike chunking at Massey’s Canyon and came away with 2 nice mahi and was spooled on a 30 class reel by a big bluefin. Ben Wessner, 15 years old, was catching spot, croaker and white perch in the canal on bloodworms today. Mike and Rich from Cincinnati caught 20 spot and 5 croaker off the Lewes Pier using Bill’s king rigs and fishbites. Brian Page, fishing on Herring Point, caught several nice sized pompano along with king fish. Brian Smith from Dover caught 2 keeper stripers from the Nanticoke river today on top water plugs. Bob Warehiem and Ike Megonnell caught 3 stripers, 2 keepers, in the Lewes Canal on eels. Visitor from Mass. down visiting his mom stopped in to get a fresh water rod said he went to a local pond and was catching lots of sunfish but the corn was falling off his hook he came back and picked up some night crawlers so he could keep fishing. “I stopped in … to get set up with a Delaware boat license so I could learn to fish Rehoboth Bay and IRI during a short mid-week vacation in Dewey Beach. Being from Georgia, I didn't know the local baits, rigs, tides, etc. The staff at Bill's got me all taken care of with a boat license, baits, terminal tackle, etc. and a suggestion of a marina to ask about a slip. Got in fishing on three days, mostly between Massey's, the Coast Guard Station and the ditch near the red roof house. Caught my first keeper flounder ever (17 1/2", along with 13 shorts, released my first two weakfish ever (11" & 14") and a few croakers, sea bass and snapper bluefish. Thanks so much for helping out a fisherman who has been transplanted 800 miles from home and is trying to learn the local waters. The help I received made my first trip successful enough to make me excited to try again soon. Dave Sipsy, West Chester, Pa. Cust just came in from the Haystacks and said he was catching sharks, blowfish, sea robins and a couple of small seabass. He said the water temp was high and flounder must have moved out to deeper water. Southeast of B buoy, a customer ran into a lots of peanut dolphins."

"Pretty cool web site... Lots of pics, reports and descriptions and directions to get to some of those fishing places in DEL everyone talks about but you might wonder where they are! The site is DSF Delware Surf Fishing. (http://delaware-surf-fishing.com)

"If you want a good captain to take you on a trip to the Virginia Barrier Islands for sightseeing or fishing, give Wilson a call." Wilson Cropp Charters and Guide Service. Cape Charles, VA- 1-434-531-6376

Check out the archive of Sue's Drifting Easy articles at: Drifting Easy Archives and READ UP! It's all in there and it's FREE!!!!!!

Need to tie a knot? Click Here. This is really cool! You can also click Here!

Anglers fishing in Ocean City will need to purchase a saltwater fishing license. This license will cover both the Chesapeake Bay and the coastal waters and surf of Ocean City and Assateague Island. Yes, this includes surf fishing. If you already have a Chesapeake Bay Saltwater license you are good to go! Anglers will be able to purchase the license online or come to Oyster Bay Tackle to purchase one. Please bring cash to buy your fishing license in our store. If you go online, Logon if you have ever had a MD fishing or hunting license in the past or Enroll if you never had. Fill in all the information and click on "Purchase License" The license you want to choose is "Bay and Coastal Sport" You can either choose a year-round or 7-day. If you know you are coming to Ocean City,and you want to get it done ahead of time you can also call a toll free number (1-855-855-3906) or print and mail in an application. Boat Licenses: $50 and everyone on your boat can go fishing without a license. You will get a personal license along with your boat license, so you can go shore fishing as well. Mail the application to their main office: Maryland Dept. of Natural resources Annapolis Service Center P.O. Box 1869 1804 West Street, Suite 300 Annapolis, MD 21401

If you are going to be fishing on a private boat with someone who has a Boat License, you don't have to buy a license, but you do have to register online. This is free and is done on the same site that you would buy a license. Logon if you have ever had a MD fishing or hunting license or Enroll if you never had. Fill in all the information and click on "Obtain Registration" to print your free registration. Print out your number and keep an id with you when you go fishing. You can also call 1-855-855-3906 during daytime hours. Be sure to write down the number they give you. That will be your temporary license. (You also need to get a free registration if you fish one of the free fishing areas in Ocean City.)

Another interesting note about the license is that if you buy a VA license, it is good in MD, and vice versa. If you are fishing in MD with a VA licence you do need to register with MD online. Again, this is free. This is so each state can "try" to figure out "how many" fish are being caught in their own individual states. (VA Free Registry)

If you want to go fishing in Ocean City without a license, your choices will be the "Oceanic Pier," the "Ocean Pier" or to go fishing on a party or charter boat. You can now go fishing in one of the "free zones." 2nd through 4th Street Bulkhead or Northside Park. (You need the free MD registry to fish in these two areas.) Go to: here to register online. This is free and can also be done over the phone during daytime hours of 7-7 at 1-855-855-3906. Also, you can stop by Oyster Bay Tackle and we will be happy to assist you in getting registered or purchasing a license.

Senior citizens 65 and older. Cost is $5 if you have a MD driver's license and are a resident of MD, but if you are a non-resident there is no break. No break for boat licenses either. $50 resident or non-resident.

Contact Info If you have any questions regarding Maryland's sport fishing license requirements, you may contact Fisheries Service via e mail: [email protected] or by calling (410-656-9526).

Following is the fee schedule for 2016: Senior License (year round) - $5.00 Resident License (year round) - $15.00 Resident License (7-day) - $6.00 Non-resident (year round) - $22.50 Non- resident (7-day) - Boat License $50.00. For more information, log onto www.dnr.state.md.us

If you have any fish reports please e-mail Bob Foster at: Oyster Bay Tackle. E-mail me your name and where you are from so we can put you in our weekly fish reports!

Good Fishing from the crew at Oyster Bay Tackle...

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