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Do I need a license to fish?

The short answer is YES. Please see our Fishing Licenses page.

What is the best bait for the surf?

Any kind of cut bait such as Finger mullet, bunker, and squid for the bigger fish (Bluefish, stripers, sharks). Bloodworms or artificials bloodworms for smaller fish such as spot, kingfish, croaker...

What is the best bait in the bay?

Live minnows or frozen shiners for flounder. Live eels for stripers in the inlet. Green crabs or sand fleas for tautog. Bloodworms or nightcrawlers for spot, sand perch, or any other little fish. Shrimp or bloodworms or squid for croaker.

What's biting around here?

  • Flounder in the bay by minnows and shiners
  • Bluefish, stripers, sharks in the surf on cut bait
  • Kingfish and spot in the surf on bloodworms or artificials bloodworms.
  • At night at the inlets and on the Rt 50 Bridge and Oceanic Pier they catch stripers, bluefish, and shad on lures.
  • Kids can catch spot in the canals and at 125th Street North side Park on bloodworms or artificial bloodworms and little hooks.
  • Down by the bulkhead at 2nd throught 4th Street fishermen can catch tautog (black fish) on sand fleas or green crab.

Where can I crab?

Isle of Wight (with traps, the trailing on the pier is a little to hight for hand lines), Northside Park (125th St) and behind Convention Hall at 40th St. You can also crab behind our OysterBay Tackle store along Jamestown Road.

Where can I go to charter a boat?

Grab the Coastal Fisherman newspaper by the door of the stores and all the boats are listed or Visit our Charter Boat page to check out our favorite party and charter boats.

Where can I go to rent a boat?

Go to Bahia Marina at 22nd St is the largest boat rental in the area, or grab the Coastal Fisherman and check the ads.

What party boat do you recommend?

Morning Star at Ocean City Fishing center, Angler at Talbot St. All are in Coastal Fisherman. These are the day boats that are the best. 1/2 day boats are at Bahia Marina at 22nd St and Ocean Princess at Dorchester St. Visit our Charter Boat page to check out our favorite party and charter boats.

How do I bait a live eel?

Under the chin and out the eye socket.

How do I bait a live bloodworm?

Thread it on the hook.