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Travel Rods

Click Here to Jump Over our Shop Online, and to See All our Travels Rods.Surf and Bay Travel rods are available in a three or four-piece travel model.These rods are ideal for the traveling angler! Great rods to carry to and from Ocean City, MD or anywhere else in the world!

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Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods at Oyster Bay Tackle, Ocean City, MDA fishing rod is your main asset to catch fish. Fishing rods vary in action as well as length, and can be found in sizes between 36 inches to 15 feet long. We have a wide range of rods for bay, surf and for bottom fishing offshore. We provide you a wide choice of quality name brand fishing Rods at great prices!! 

Daiwa Rod

Daiwa Emcast surf, boat and jetty rods - Economical Beefstick surf & bay rods, and more!

Something for all saltwater and freshwater fishing challenges - Daiwa's emphasis has been upon innovation and quality. The result is a long list of product features, design and materials that have become standards for the fishing tackle industry.



Okuma Rod

Okuma High Performance fishing rods - something for all fishing needs, whether it be surf casting, boat fishing, trolling, and bait casting rods. Manufactured to high quality standards. Okuma does not look for inspiration from other manufacturers; instead says that it finds inspiration from other anglers.  From the weekend warrior to tournament pros, committed to your needs.

Pen Rod

Penn is a long established manufacturer of high quality fishing tackle. It's selection of rods is unparalleled. Any salt water fishing need can be fullfilled with a Penn Fishing Rod.  Surf Fishing, Bait Casting, Trolling, Boat Fishing, Spinning reel Rods, and more! Including Prevail and Battalion surf rods.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Fishing Rod

Shakespeare Rods: Established for over 100 years, Shakespeare Rod and Reels are one of the industries oldest and established manufacturing companies of Fishing Tackle. Shakespeare manufactures a full line of rods for all fishing needs and even offers rods for the lady and children of the home.  

Tica Rods: We carry UEHA, Dolphin, Surge & Surf.  Spin and Casting up to 12-foot!

Sea Striker Rods: Beach runner rods are economical, light in the hand, and very strong. One of our most popular surf rods! 8, 9, 10 and 11'  We also carry Star and Tsunami

St. Croix Rods

We carry Avid Surf, Mojo Surf and Inshore, Triumph and more!

Shimano Trevala Rods!

We have plenty of economy surf rods in the 19.99 to 49.99 range.  Bay rods starting from 15.99.  We have 8 foot rod, reel, line combo starting at 29.99 and Bay Fishing Combos with line starting at 19.99.  Another words, we have a price point for everyone! 

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