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Rigs & Components


A fishing sinker or plummet is a weight used to force a lure or bait to increase its rate of sink, anchoring ability, and/or casting distance. The weight you need depend on where you want to go fishing, but also on the weather.

Rigs and Swivels

Heavy Duty Top and Bottom Rigs - Good for flounder, trout, blues, surf rigs.

Heavy-Duty Mono 2 Drop Rig - Good for surf fishing for larger fish such as stripers or drum or for bottom fishing offshore in deeper water for sea bass, grouper etc...

Rig Components

Most popular spinner blades around for making up flounder/fluke rigs - Plastic squids to assemble your own flounder rigs - Spin N' Glows balls add a real flash to your flounder rigs, etc...

Line & Leader

Hooks (Snelled / Leadered)

Circle Nylawire - Circle Snelled Hooks - Snelled Hooks with red beads and chart spinner blade - Striped Bass Hooks - Flounder Hooks....

Hooks (Loose Packs/ No Leader)

Double hook for mullet rigs - Sharp Hooks - Sharp Circle Sea Hooks...

Flies and Fly Rigs

A "Dropper Fly, or teaser, represents a bait fish being chased by a larger feeder. The feeder is represented by a jig, plug, spoon, lure, etc. cast on a "Dropper Rig" ahead of the fly. The weaker fly of two targets then becomes ideal enticement to any predator "lunker" fish. For the record, Tony Stetzco, a guide of Cape Cod caught his registered 78 pound Striper on a "Dropper Fly". (Dropper Fly Rigs do not have to be used with a fly rod. Many anglers use them on a spinning rod. Put a larger lure like a spoon or Swimming Shad lure on the bottom, cast out, and most of the time, the fish hit the teaser!)

Fishing Rigs /Lure Packages

A Selection of quality fishing rigs and lures for your tackle box. We carry most major brands of lures for most any type of fish species.

Bottom Rigs & Swivels

Basic wire top and bottom rigs - Heavy Duty Top and Bottom Rigs - Drop Skirt Rigs - Fish Finder Rig Heavy-duty - Double Top & Bottom Rig, etc...

Bobbers and Floats

Not just a bobber anymore. One of Plastilite's best new products of the last few years, proven to catch more fish. A Plasti-Bob with an internal rattle, fluorescent yellow button, bright pink top, clear smoke bottom. Great contrasting colors tremendously enhance the visibility of the float in all conditions. Simply work the rod with a twitching motion which creates a fish attracting sound chamber. - Stryofoam Surf Floats to make your own surf rigs. Comes with plastic peg.