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Fishing Accessories

Reel Lubricants and Cleaners

Multi-Purpose Synthetic Lubricant with Syncolon (PTFE) Penetrates, Lubricates and Extends the Life of your reel - Penn Lubricants 92359 Reel Grease 1/4oz Tubes. Grease for your reel! Keep it in your tackle box!

Miniature Fishing Reel Key Rings

Fishing Key Rings - Minature baitcasting keychains - Fly Fishing Key Chains. Eagle Claw - Hat Pins / Tie Clasps. Gold Finish. Great little gift for the fisherman to put on his baseball cap or use on his tie.


Eagle Claw Hat Pins. Tie Clasps. Gold Finish. Great little gift for the fisherman to put on his baseball cap or use on his tie. One of our most popular gift items.

Fishing Knives, Sharpeners, Tools

Fishing knives, sharpeners and tools - A wide variety for those special fishing, clamming and oystering needs - Pocket Knives, Filet Knives, Long Nose Pliers, Clamming Knives, Oyster Knives, sharpening stones and more!

Be prepared when that special tool is needed!

Fin-Atics Fish Oil Attractants

Liquid fish attractants disguises human and other foreign odors. Scientifically formulated to penetrate and flavor natural or artificial lures. All essences are non-polluting. 3 fl oz bottles. Available in Shedder Crab, Bunker, Clam and Shrimp. The Shedder Crab flavor is the most popular. Shedder Crab Oil is great for redfish, trout, stripers, flounder and other gamefish that eat soft crabs. The bunker flavor is great for stripers, blues, and sharks. The Clam is popular for tautog, sea bass, and stripers. Shrimp is good for redfish, trout, pompano, spot, croaker, Spanish Mackerel or any fish that prefers shrimp.

Nautical Marine Maps - Mid Atlantic and Bays

Nautical Fishing Charts - including Ocean City, MD - Complete Recreational map for the land or water that covers Berlin, Ocean Pines and Assateague Island - and laminated offshore charts showing the offshore waters from Cape May Inlet, N.J. to Rudee Inlet, VA. Shows canyons such as the Norfolk, Washington, Poor Man's, Baltimore, and Wilmington. Shows wrecks, fingers, obstructions, etc...offshore Ocean City, MD and Indian River Inlet, DE and has distances from the Inlets plus lots of GPS coordinates listed on the front and back and other nautical marine maps of the Ocean City, MD area.

Calcutta Can/ Bottle Coolers

There's not much that beats a beautifully chilled can or bottle when it's warm! Once out of the fridge however, it takes remarkably little time for your bottle or your can to become unpalatably warm. Help is at hand however with this ingenious Calcutta Bottle Cooler.

Cactus Juice Insect Repellent

This natural, lightly fragranced blend of Prickly Pear Cactus, emolliens and moisturizers creates a shield that protects the skin from most insects, including sandflies, no-see-ums, black flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. Safe to spray on clothing for more effective insect protection. 6 oz. spray pump bottle.

Books, Magazines and DVDs

Books and magazines help the angler learn new skills and tie new knots. Fish ID books help to identify your catch while fishing in Ocean City, MD or other areas of the East Coast. Great gifts for anglers! "Fish the Surf" DVD for only 19.99!

Automatic Tire Deflator

The TireBuddy III is a deflator, one that screws directly onto a valve stem (after removing plastic cover) just like a valve cap. Once threaded into place, it automatically deflates the tire to a specific pressure (adjustable from 10 pounds per square inch to 30 psi) and emits a whistling sound that gradually diminishes as the air pressure decreases.

Each TireBuddy III comes pre-set to 15 psi, generally considered the ideal air pressure for beach travel and owners of 4 wheel drives.

We also carry the very popular Oasis Trailhead Automatic Tire Deflators!


Don't be a minnow murderer when for just a few cents a day (399 days) you too can save a minnow from a life of overheated, oxygen deprived existence. Remember, you can keep minnows healthy and alive. LIVE BAIT CATCHES MORE FISH!