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Bay Fishing Tips - Ocean City MD

Bay Ocean City MD--For flounder, hook live minnows through the lips, or shiners through the eyes. Add a thin strip of tapered squid beside either one of these baits for extra added attraction.
--If you fish two hours before and two hours after high tide, you'll usually catch some fish!

enough weight to stay on the bottom. If you are casting and retrieving, always retrieve with your rod tip down, so your hooks will stay closer to the bottom.


--If you are in a boat, you can troll against the tide to slow down your drift.
--Flounder are sight feeders. If they can't see the bait, you won't catch flounder. Use chartreuse or silver spinner blades and white or chartreuse bucktailed hooks along with your bait to help you catch more flounder.
--If you fish at night on the piers or Rt. 50 Bridge, take some lures. Spec rigs, Redfish rigs, bucktails with plastic worms, MirrOlures, Got-cha plugs, Swimming Shad Lures, Windcheaters, or Rattletraps will never steer you wrong for trout, blues, and stripers.
--If you just want the kids to catch anything, set them up with size #6 hooks on a top and bottom rig with a sinker and bait up with bloodworms and little strips of squid.
--If you want to catch legal-sized stripers, fish the Route 50 Bridge at night with bucktails and 6-inch white plastic worms, use a 2-ounce lead head with an 8-inch white curl tail grub, use 8-inch Sassy Shads, two-ounce Got-cha Plugs, 5 or 6-inch Swimming Shad lures or live eels.
--Invest in a bridge net if you plan to fish the bridge often.
--If you tautog fish in the spring and fall, use sections of green crabs or sand fleas (mole crabs) on size #2/0 Octopus hook. Fish the Ocean City or Indian River Inlet, near the draw of the Route 50 Bridge, or along the bulkhead at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Streets. The end of 6th Street is also good.
--Use a pair of kitchen shears to cut the green crabs in half. Pull off their outer shell, cut off their legs, and insert the hook into the leg socket.
--When tautog fishing, use a flat sinker so you do not get hung up in the rocks. Make your leader out of 40-pound test mono so you don't lose the fish to rock abrasion. Use a rubber band to hold on your sinker. That way, if you get a nice tautog on, but your sinker gets hung up in a rock, you can break the rubberband and get the fish!
--Flounder are bottom feeders. Always use

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